SMRC vs Rowdies @ Marquette Park 21-21 Tie (hell of a Match!)

Sunday Morning took on the Rowdies on Saturday afternoon at Marquette Park. If you missed the match, you really missed a good one. Sunday Morning controlled the first half with scores by Cameron Halloran and Zack Cook. In a seesaw match the always gritty Rowdies stormed back with a long try up the sideline on a botched tackle by the Sunday Morning defense. In the second half the Rowdies applied defensive pressure and stifled the SMRC offensive attack. SMRC played against the wind which limited kicking opportunities and numerous knocks kept SMRC on their side of the field. After a lot of big hitting Sunday broke down the field and off a penalty Zack Cook made a great pass to Jacob Cano for a 20 meter try up the middle which was the first score by the youngster in league play putting SMRC up 21-14. The Rowdies led by a young backline from Lindenwood Belleville marched back down and despite bone crushing defense by Purple they were able to put together another try and converted a tough kick for the tie. Sunday again, marched down the pitch and came within 5 meters of winning the match but the Sunday winger was forced into touch just before the try line. Danny Cook went perfect on his conversions which kept the game final at 21-21. Hell of a match by the boys but not the outcome that the club was hoping for.

All this means, more work to put in! Practice tonight at 7PM. We need all hands on deck, we have a big match up on Saturday against the always tough St. Louis Bombers.


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    If anyone has any photos, please send them to or post them to FaceBook. Thanks!

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