Sunday Morning v Rowdies

19 October Belleville, IL

On a perfect day for rugby the Sunday Morning side fairly dominated the Rowdies in a 29to 8 victory. Several Sunday Morning players, Rick, Austin, Tim, made their debut starts in Cup play Each performed well and Austin was named man of the match.

Sunday Morning opened the scoring early with a nice 8-man pick by Sean Bister and the conversion by Chris. Solid defense minimized Rowdies efforts in the first half. Toward the end of the half scrumhalf Danny partially blocked a Rowdies kick setting up a sequence culminating in strong 30 meter try by AJ. Half time score was SM 14, Rowdies 3.

Both sides played tough defense in the second half and the Rowdies punched in a try about 10 minutes into the half .Mark and Isaac, second half tactical subs, distinguished themselves. Isaac had 3 consecutive tackles in one sequence to blunt a Rowdies threat. Mark scored at 4:20 in the half followed by a try from Chris at 1:10 to seal the bonus point. Chris was 3 for for on conversions and added 1 field goal.

Final score: Sunday 29 Rowdies 8.


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